Navigating the world of Vue 3 can be a thrilling journey, especially when you discover elegant solutions to common challenges. One such challenge? Handling popups. In this guide, we’ll explore a simple yet effective way to manage popups using VueRouter and a nifty composable. Perfect for developers eager to level up their Vue skills!

The Power of VueRouter and Composables

Vue 3, with its Composition API, offers a more flexible way to reuse and organize logic. Combine this with the capabilities of VueRouter, and you have a powerful duo. Our goal? To toggle popups using query strings without disturbing other URL parameters.

The Code: A Deep Dive

import { useRoute, useRouter } from 'vue-router';
import { computed } from 'vue';

export function usePopup() {
  const route = useRoute();
  const router = useRouter();
  const popup = computed(() => route.query.popup);
  const showPopup = (t: string) =>
      path: route.path,
      query: { ...route.query, popup: t },

  const closePopup = () =>
      path: route.path,
      query: { ...route.query, popup: undefined },
  return { popup, showPopup, closePopup };

Breaking It Down

Why Use VueRouter Over Simple State or Global State?

In the Vue ecosystem, there are multiple ways to handle state and UI changes, such as using ref for reactive state or employing global state management solutions like pinia. So, why opt for VueRouter for managing popups?

Use Case: Client-Side Applications and URL Sharing

Imagine you’re building a client-side application where you need to show or hide popups based on user actions. Now, consider a scenario where a user wants to share a specific view of the application, including an open popup. With our usePopup composable, this becomes straightforward. The recipient of the shared URL will see the exact view, with the popup open, without any additional state management gymnastics on your part. It’s a seamless way to ensure consistent user experiences across shared views.


For developers, understanding the power of VueRouter for state representation can be a revelation. While tools like ref and pinia have their place, when it comes to managing UI elements like popups and ensuring shareable states, VueRouter combined with our usePopup composable emerges as an elegant and efficient solution.

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